The Weichert Agent Pages VIP Platinum Plus

   The Weichert Agent Pages VIP Platinum Plus package focuses on three areas, designed to help set up your website, improve its functionality and prepare your site and your company for leads. 

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   We leave you time to focus on your business, while our VIP offering creates and enhances your website for you.

   Step 1:  Your Online Presence

   The first step focuses on the website design and set up of your Weichert Agent Pages site.

  • Agent photo sizing and contact information upload

  • Featured property carousel set up to market your primary work location. Features five cities, towns or neighborhoods

  • Design:  our experts help you select the right template and customize the homepage with buttons, photos and other elements

  • Domain purchase and set up:  attaching your personalized URL to your site

  • Further Homepage customization with adding of jump searches, specific photos from your farm areas, and the About Me page

  • Creation of three internal pages to personalize your business. Are you a condo specialist or REO expert? We build pages and how you how to use the LinkBuilder to add market-related links for your clients.

  • Showcase your skills and awards as a real estate professional.

    Step 2:  Website Optimization            

    The next phase deals with optimizing your website’s functionality to ensure you are getting the most value out of it.

  • We train you on how to add testimonials.    
  • Import and export contacts:  your website expert will add a copy of your contacts and setup lead rules, so the site knows what to do with new contacts as they register.
  • Saved searches:  Initial setup includes 15 user accounts and we teach you the shortcuts to adding contacts in the future.
  • Search capture forced registration:  we show you how to adjust your settings to capture the most leads.
  • Search optimization:  with your Google account, we will connect your site to the internet and help your optimize its search and reporting capabilities.


       Step 3:  Plan Implemented, Ready for Leads


  •  Jump searches:  we create three formatted searches and provide you with the links to place on social media and other sites to maximize viewership.
  • We help you automate your processes and stay in touch with your clients. We teach you to utilize the built-in campaigns for buyers and sellers and lead rules so that no lead is left behind.  Preformatted and ready to go.
  • Newsletter campaign:  we initiate the newsletter that automatically updates to give your clients and relevant content
  • Email postcard campaign:  Friendly reminders touch your contacts when the time is right.              


Package Name Price
 One-Time Setup Fee $499 (one time)
 VIP Platinum Plus Monthly Fee (hosting & VIP Customer Support) $149/month
 Optional Additional Monthly Support (you own website tutor for custom work that falls outside of the program) $125/hour

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