Marketing tips

1. Print:

a. On your business cards
b. Send out post cards to announce your website
c. Letters to your sphere of influence to invite them to your website and give you feedback
d. Real estate magazines (i.e. the real estate book, homes and land, etc.)

2. Web-based advertising:

a. Links Exchange: Work on your links page or create a custom page to place as many interesting and relevant links as you can. Ask businesses to reciprocate the favor and link to your website. This activity will increase local traffic and improve your pagerank on search engines.
b. Advertise on local websites:
  1. Newspapers: most local newspapers have websites that offer you the opportunity to advertise at a relative low cost. This can prove to be very effective branding with local residents but also nationally. The national exposure is due to news syndication sites that pick up news from all sorts of websites. A clear example of this is Google news!
  2. None-profit organization websites: lions club and many other volunteer organizations would love to earn your advertising Dollars on their websites. Additionally, these organizations are local with local residents in your target market where connecting with them in person is essential for your business growth.
  3. School Sports team websites and little league websites: the players on these teams are the children of homeowners 
    in your target market; therefore, advertising on these websites will brand you and connect you with local residents!

3. Search engines:

a. Search Engine Optimization is where you improve the way your website is found when someone searched say Google.

Here are some general suggestions:

  1. In your admin, complete the key words section for all pages. This will enable search engines identify and index you.
  2. Make sure you write a few personal pages as opposed to standard text and copy. For example, make sure you have a custom welcome page. Other examples are, resume page, real estate news page and contests.
  3. Links exchange mentioned above will also help your placement. The best kinds of links are “deep links” which are links from other websites to a specific page on your website. An example would be a link from the local chamber of commerce website to a page on your website that reports the current real estate conditions in your county!

b. Search Engine Marketing is buying key word ads on search engines. Most search engines will allow you to set up a monthly budget and charge you for click throughs. To learn more about buying ads, go to the search engine you prefer and click on advertise with us.

c. Fidelity Assets: This company is an outside consultant that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Most notable is their FREE real estate blog!

4. Other Tips:

a. Top 10 Steps to Internet Marketing Success

b. Welcome Packet

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