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Bill, your training class was fabulous!! I have to tell you that even though I only have a few listings....someone actually found my $2,500,000 listing on my website!! I am not sure if they were on or'll find out when I go to admin I guess..if I can....but I couldn't believe it!! He found the listing on the internet and it was transferred to my website!! WOW!!

Alice L. Romero, Sales Associate
NJAR Circle of Excellence 2004-2006, Relocation Specialist
Awarded Top Sales Agent, Ocean Twsp. Office, 2006, 2007
Serving Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties
732-859-8921 cell
Web Site:

Hi, Bill.

They have been corrected, thank you very much. Oh, by the way, we got this listing because they saw our Fidelity website!  The Seller's were unhappy with Brand X, and their sister-in-law, a Weichert Agent in Tenafly found our website, sent it to the Sellers, and they called us in to list the property.  Definitely a great investment!

Thanks again,
Kathi & Wayne Smith

I brought the Weichert agent program w/ Fidelity a couple months ago. I did not attend any of the training sessions and did not personalize my site. Last week I was away and received a phone call on my cell phone from a prospect. He called me directly because he found my website. I am not sure how he found my website, but I do know that even on vacation, my Fidelity is working on my behalf 24/7. Thank you,

Elayne Schwartz — Cherry Hill Office

Just recently I signed up for the Fidelity Web Site and had to make a decision as to what level would be the most effective and cost beneficial. It was either the Gold or Platinum and I selected Platinum because it would eliminate the 35% Lead Network cost and the difference in cost was $480 annually. One $300,000 transaction would offset that cost for 3 years and guess what – approximately 1 mo later I received a call from a client who located my listing on Weichert.Com and was routed to me directly because I was a Platinum member. I showed them the house and they subsequently signed a contract on May 19th with a closing date of 6/15/2007.

The amazing thing about this transaction is that the tools and opportunities we have available worked for this transaction:

  • Weichert Opportunity Time
  • Weichert Agent Website

Joseph R. Buthorn
Weichert, Realtors
Cell: 908-507-5077
Office: 732-297-0200

Inquiry Message: Honestly, this is the best real estate site that i've seen so far. I love the full access to MLS the best. I like that I don't have to send a request and wait for a response. I has every service that I'm looking for except one (unless I missed it). Since I can register maintain my own list of favorites, I'd also llike a private area where I can upload personal photos that I have taken of the properies as well a notes that I might want to keep track of. It would be great if this were all in one place. Thanks again guys, This is great!

Email from customer to Bob Beatty out of Clinton office.

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