Smart MLS

Smart MLS does not require any payment.  However failure to fill out the IDX Agreement forms and submit them will result in the IDX function (Property Search) of your AgentPages website not working.

Please click here to download the SMART MLS Agreement

Here are instructions on how to fill out the form:

Page 10: fill out:
  • Your Firm name
  • Your Firm MLS ID code (if you don't know this, please ask your office processing manager)
  • Your Broker MLS ID code
  • Your Firm's email address
  • Your Name
  • Your MLS ID code
  • Your email address
  • Your Broker and You need to sign

Page 12: fill out:
  • The first four fields

Sending in the Form:
You can send in the forms one of 3 ways. You can scan them in and email - please email them to You can interoffice them to Cheryl Abato. (If you don't know how to interoffice, please ask your processing manager). Or you can fax them. Please send the fax to 973-695-1850  Please note that your website may be activated prior to us receiving your completed forms, however the IDX feature (Property Search) will not work until the forms are received.


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