New Jersey MLS:

Please click here to download the NJMLS agreement. Please complete the agreement and fax it to the MLS number listed on the form. If you have any questions regarding the content or the completion of this form, please contact the MLS directly.

NJMLS Numbers:
Phone: 201-387-1150
Fax: 201-387-6960

There are charges associated with this agreement due to NJMLS. These charges are part of NJMLS policy and requirements; therefore, it has nothing to do with Real Estate Digital or Weichert. However, because you are a Weichert agent, we were able to obtain a volume discount that reduces your monthly obligation to NJMLS to $10/month. There is also a one time set-fee of $25.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Complete the order form for AgentPages™ and fax it or e-mail to billing.
  2. Complete the NJMLS agreement and fax it to NJMLS
  3. When NJMLS processes your request, they will e-mail a notification to you and copy our helpdesk
  4. At this stage we will activate the IDX (Property) search on your website

Please note that your website may be activated prior to the notification from NJMLS; however, the property search functionality will not be available until the above is completed.

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