Monmouth MLS:

There are new rules for filling out the Monmouth IDX Agreement. 
Please follow these steps exactly - failure to do so will cause the forms to be filled out incorrectly.  Incorrect forms means that IDX cannot be turned on for your website, and your property search will not function until correct forms are forwarded to us.  These are not the rules of Weichert or the Agent Pages Program - they are MLS rules that we all must abide by or else the property search function will not work.

 Click here to download the fillable IDX Agreement.  ALL details (except for signatures) need to be typed into the form.  The MLS will not accept anything hand-written except for the signatures.  After filling out the forms, please print them out.  They are not savable.  You may want to print a few copies just incase you lose one or something is signed incorrectly, you will have back-up without having to fill them out all over again.

(For the sake of the sample, I have not actually signed anyones names, but just signed the word "Signature" just so you have a clear understanding of where each person is to sign).

Page 1:
  1. Type in the current date at the top.
  2. The first 3 lines prior to wherer you see ("Participant") - this would be your office manager information.  In the first line, type in your office managers full first and last name. Directly next to that, type in Broker/Manager. Below that, type in the address to the Weichert office you are an agent with.  (We used the Aberdeen office in the sample form).
  3. The second 3 lines prior to where you see ("Agent") - this would be your information.  The first line (underneath the the office address) please type in your full first and last name.  Directly next to that, type in Sales Associate. Below that, type in Weichert Realtors - Name of Office. 
  4. The last 3 lines prior to where you see ("Service Provider") would be the Agent Pages program.  In the first line (underneath your office name) please type in Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions.  Directly next to that, type in Delaware LLC.  The very bottom line please type in 27081 Aliso Creek Rd Suite 200, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.

You are now done w/ Page 1.
Please skip pages 2-7.  There is nothing that needs to be filled out on those pages.

Page 8:

  1. At the top of the page, please click in the box for Agent Website (the 2nd option).  Please type your website URL in that line.  URL defaults will always be  However if you've purchased your own domain from a company like or possibly, etc., you can use that URL.
  2. On the top Participant line, please type in your office manager's name.
  3. On the top Agent line, please type in your name.
  4. On the top Service Provider line, please type Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions LLC.
  5. You are now done typing in everything you need.  Again, this form is not a savable form, so at this point please print out a copy with your data typed in.  You may want to print out multiple copies just to be on the safe side incase you lose one or mistakes are made when signing, you have back-up copies.
  6. Time for the signatures - Please sign your name on the By: (sign) line that is UNDERNEATH where you typed your name.
  7. Please provide the forms to your office manager so that he or she may sign their name.  They will sign the forms on the By: (Sign) line UNDERNEATH their name on the Broker line. Get the forms back from your manager once they have signed them.
  8. You can send in the forms one of 3 ways. You can scan them in and email - please email them to You can interoffice them to Cheryl Abato. (If you don't know how to interoffice, please ask your processing manager). Or you can fax them - please send the fax to 973-695-1850 Attn: Cheryl Abato.

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