Middlesex MLS:

Middlesex MLS charges $100/year (prorated quarterly) plus a one time set-up fee of $62.50 for their ILD feeds (your listings and property search feature).

 Click here to download hte application form.
 Click here to download the member agreement.
 Click here to download the Middlesex Sample Form so you can see what the completed forms should look like

Please fax the completed forms back to Middlesex MLS at 732-661-9557.
For questions on how to fill out the application and/or member agreement, please contact the MLS directly at 732-661-9500.
Once the MLS has received your paperwork and payment, they will notify our activations team, and your property search will be activated.  Please note that your website may be activated prior to the MLS notifying us of your payment.  If this happens, your website will be active, but the property search feature will not work until we are notified by the MLS.


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