Empire Access MLS: (Formerly Known as Westchester-Putnam MLS)

Please Click Here to download a blank copy of the Empire Access MLS IDX Agreement.
Please Click Here to download a sample copy of how the completed forms should look. 
(For the sake of the sample, we used the Fishkill office.  We also did not actually sign the manager's name, but rather just signed the words "Managers Signature" just to give an understanding of how the forms should look).

Please read over and retain pages 1-3 for yourself.  You should make yourself familiar w/ the terms of the agreement.

Filling Out and Returning the Agreement:

Page 4:
  1. Above the boxes, you will see a statement saying "This Agreement is for the following uses" - please check the IDX box.
  2. Only the "FIRM" box will need to be completed.  The "CONSULTANT" box has already been filled out for you.  The "EAMLS" box is for the MLS to fill out once they receive the agreement. 
    1. Firm Name: this is the name of your office.  For example, Weichert-Fishkill, Weichert-Larchmont, etc.
    2. Signature of owner or officer: This would be your office manager's signature.
    3. Name of owner or officer: Your office manager's full first and last name.
    4. Contact for notices and operations matters: This again would be your office manager's information.  Name, office phone #, email address, mailing address (the office mailing address). 

Please fill out the appropriate information in the Firm box.  You should be able to fill out everything (except for the manager signature obviously).  If you are unsure of anything, just have the manager fill out everything for you.  Once your manager has signed your agreement, please get it back from them. 

Page 5:
On the top line under the additional domains statement, please write out your Weichert AgentPages URL; the URL will always be in this format: http://firstnamelastname.weichertagentpages.com .  Next to your URL please check the IDX box.

Sending in the Forms:
You can send in the forms one of 3 ways. You can scan them in and email - please email them to welcome@weichertagentpages.com. You can interoffice them to Cheryl Abato. (If you don't know how to interoffice, please ask your processing manager). Or you can fax them - please send the fax to 973-695-1850 Attn: Cheryl Abato. The forms will be reviewed and forwarded to EAMLS.  Once EAMLS approves the agreement, your IDX will be activated and you will receive a confirmation email advising you of such.

Please note that your website may be activated prior to IDX approval.  Your website will be up and running, however the IDX feature (property search) will not be functional until the MLS approves the agreement.

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